Lilikoi Citrus Luxury Bar Deluxe
Lilikoi Citrus Luxury Bar Deluxe

Lilikoi Citrus Luxury Bar Deluxe

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A Tropical fruit salad. Refreshing, uplifting, bright and clean. Juicy enough you will want to bite right in!

Lilikoi aka Passion fruit infused oil, with the sweet notes of coconut infused oil, vibrantly layered with 100% pure lemon and orange essential oils.

The Luxury Bar- This is the ultimate luxurious bath bar. Creamy coconut milk, coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil and mango butter. Sudsy, creamy, cleansing and moisturizing. The perfect bath bar.

ingredients: mango butter**, virgin unrefined coconut oil**, avocado oil**, olive oil**, coconut milk, lye (sodium hydroxide), fragrance***.

*100% natural **USDA certified organic

Our fragrances are custom blends of 100% pure, natural & USDA certified organic: oil infusions, flavor oils and essential oils.

Product Specs: net weight 4.2 oz.

Handmade, hand cut and hand wrapped. Made in small quantities to insure quality. Variations in color and marbling will occur, Color occurs naturally.

Free of synthetic fragrance, synthetic color and preservative free. Palm oil free.


All natural - vegan - gluten free - cruelty free