Fragrance Oils
Fragrance Oils

Fragrance Oils

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Floral oil infusions of Hawaii's most beautiful flowers. 

100% pure and natural floral oil infusions. 


Comes in 4 Beautiful aroma blends:


Pink Plumeria with a hint of lavender and lemon


Island Tuberose with a hint of rose and lemon


Hawaiian Lei floral bouquet with a touch of ginger


Hibiscus Breeze with a touch of vanilla and ylang-ylang


Pure floral oils in a base of sunflower oil and fractionated coconut oil. All USDA certified organic ingredients, vegan, preservative free and synthetic fragrance free. 

Each fragrance oil comes in a .34 fl oz. amber glass bottle with stainless steel rollerball for easy application.

Display comes filled with 4 retail and 1 comp tester of each aroma. 

100% handmade in Maui, Hawaii


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