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Fizz- Sparkling Coconut Milk Bath


Let the Fizz infuse your bath with epsom salts to relieve achy muscles. Soften and soothe skin with nourishing coconut milk & botanical extracts. Soak away your worries with aromatics inspired by the islands. 

Create that luxurious spa feeling with our sparkling coconut milk Fizz bath.

100% handmade with all natural ingredients. 4oz. glass bottle (approx 4-8 baths)


Relax & Unwind with Coconut Creme - Mantra: I Let Go. I Release. I Surrender.

Relax & Love with Mango Papaya- Mantra: I Let Go. I am Open. I Am Loved

Relax & Dream with the Relaxing Blend- Mantra: I let go, I release, I am free.

Relax & Romance with Island Tuberose- Mantra: I am loved, I am open. I am inspired.


Sprinkle desired amount into your warm running bath water. Light your BV candles, set your intention, say you mantra and soak your worries away.

No tub? No worries! Relax those tired achy feet in a foot bath!


Baking soda, citric acid**, coconut milk powder** , epsom salt, natural aroma

 *100% natural & pure **USDA certified organic

contains no synthetic colors or fragrances

natural | organic | preservative free | gluten free | vegan | cruelty free



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