About Us

Bringing you handcrafted soy candles, artisanal soaps and luxury body products. Our offerings are 100% natural and we source organic whenever possible. Eco-conscious, we hand label and package every product by hand, in house, using 100% post consumer recycled labels, and re-useable and recyclable jars and tins. 

Founded in 2017 by Karli Rose

Bella Vita Apothecary

Meet The Team

Karli Rose

Owner, creative director, wifey.

Mixer, maker, and potion creator. Loves animals and nature walks. Part time performer. Part time hairdresser.

Full time coffee drinker.


Owner, manufacturer, hubby.

Soap maker, bar curer, fragrance mixer. Loves his dogs and ocean surf.  Part time Chef. Part time hammock swayer .

Full time food lover.

Good for you

We utilize only the highest quality ingredients which include organic butters, oils, herbs, flowers, organic teas and organic essential oils to infuse and layer creative and delicious, skin loving products and all natural aromas. There are absolutely NO synthetic fragrances , colored dyes or palm oil used in our process. Our candles are individually hand poured using 100% soy wax and cotton wicks. Our soaps are handcrafted, the old school way, using lye and the highest quality butters and oils. We work in small batches and every batch is carefully tested to ensure a quality product.

Completely Handcrafted from Start to Finish

The soaps are made the old style way, carefully crafted with lye and organic oils. Once cured, each bar is cut and shaped by hand. The soy candles are individually wicked and hand-poured. Labels are designed in house, printed and then hand cut and placed. Every step of the process has been infused with mana and aloha, giving each product its own personality.