Nourishing Daily Facial Serum
Nourishing Daily Facial Serum

Nourishing Daily Facial Serum

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The MUST HAVE Everyday serum for glowing skin!

The Nourishing facial serum is packed full of fast absorbing skin loving oils that are mineral rich, antioxidant, and highly moisturizing. Good for any skin type to regulate oil production, smooth skin and add a healthy glow. 

Just a couple drops of this nutrient rich serum after cleansing is all you need to have a youthful dewy glow. 

Press 1-3 drops on clean dry skin in the morning and/or in the evening before moisturizer. Can be layered with other serums and tonics. Put this one on first then layer other serums right on top! 

Add 1 drop to fingertips and warm, then lightly press over makeup for a super beautiful dewy glow!


*organic grapeseed oil

*organic tamanu oil

*organic jojoba oil

*organic sweet almond oil

*organic rosehip seed oil

*vitamin E

*bulgarian lavender essential oil

*organic rose essential oil

*organic ylang-ylang essential oil

*organic vanilla oil in organic sunflower oil

Specs: .5 oz. amber glass dropper. 




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